Why Hemp Cream Is So Popular

Hemp cream rules.

CBD or cannabidiol cream and other cbd products have recently grown in popularity thanks to their medicinal and psychotherapy uses. These products are manufactured from extracts from both marijuana and hemp, both of which are species of the cannabis Sativa plant. The creams are topical products meaning that users apply them directly onto their skins. While both hemp and marijuana CBD creams are beneficial, hemp products tend to be more popular than those derived from marijuana even if the two species have almost similar extracts. Here are a few reasons why products from hemp are so popular.

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  1.   Hemp Contains Less THC and More CBD

Hemp has a different chemical composition from marijuana. It contains a higher concentration of CBD if extracted from leaves or flowers of the hemp plant and less THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, the component that causes the psychoactive effects. Hemp oil extracted from hemp seeds has neither CBD or THC. This means that hemp creams are of higher quality and are less likely to have psychoactive effects as compared to those of marijuana.

  1.   Less Contaminated

Most industrial hemp is grown in the United States of America (USA). There are very strict regulations governing the farming of this plant as well as the manufacturing of products from the same. Regulators are keen on ensuring that farmers use very little chemicals if any as pesticides. Since most of the hemp creams available are made from extracts from this hemp, consumers are assured of chemical-free products hence their popularity. They are guaranteed of the source of their creams.

  1.   Third-Party Testing

Most original hemp creams undergo third-party testing. This testing involves having an independent laboratory check for quality, contaminants, and efficacy and issue a certificate for the same. These certificates are proof that the particular product is safe and will deliver the promised benefits. In addition to this, hemp farming is now legal in most US states meaning that the federal government and other regulatory stakeholders are directly responsible for the safety of these crops. Users can as a result expect quality products from the same.

Apart from its quality in terms of its source and mode of manufacture, hemp cream has a lot of benefits on users’ skins and general health that make it very popular. Here are some of those benefits.

  1.   Soothes Inflammation

Hemp oil has various omega-6-fatty acids including gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). This nutrient is good at preventing inflammation and also encourages skin regeneration as well as new cell generation. When you have skin irritation or inflammation, you can always apply hemp cream to reduce or cool this effect. It is also an effective remedy for skin acne and other conditions such as psoriasis.

  1.   Suitable with Most Skin Types

Hemp creams are ideal for dry and oily skin types and many others. You can moisturize your skin using this cream despite your skin type. For those with dry skins, the cream can keep your skin moisturized without clogging the skin’s pores. It is clogging that causes acne, so if you can have your skin moisturized without clogging, then you can prevent acne.

  1.   Contains Anti-Aging Properties

Hemp oil has amazing anti-aging properties. These properties help keep your skin looking smooth and healthy, and prevent the early onset of wrinkles. The oil contains oleic and linoleic acids that play an effective role in keeping your skin supple and young. They also protect you from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. The cream is also good for preventing various skin conditions like eczema that also contributes to skin aging and irritation. The anti-aging properties help prevent these conditions.

  1.   No Side Effects

As mentioned earlier, the source of extracts used to manufacture hemp creams contains insignificant amounts of pesticides since farmers growing this plant use very little. Their mode of extraction also does not involve the use of any chemicals. For this reason, the creams are almost 100% natural. Most users have not reported any side effects if used as recommended and if they are not using any other medications that could interfere with the creams. In general, they do not show any side effects in a majority of users.

  1.   Pain Relief

Hemp creams are good for not only inflammation but also as pain relief for joints and muscles. People who suffer from chronic pains as a result of arthritis and other bones and joints conditions as well as muscle inflammation can use the hemp cream to soothe these pains. This cream works much better than most conventional pain killers.


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