‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?’ Just Had Their Worst Ever Question

How would anyone know the answer to this?

OK I’ll straight up level with you I haven’t watched every single episode of ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?’ so I can’t 100% confirm that this is the worst ever question asked on the show, but given its level of difficulty and the amount of money it was for, I can definitely say it’s up there. I trust the social media reaction too which has been pretty scathing.

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Right, so Glen Bunn from Durham was in the hot seat for this particular scenario and had made it up to the £64,000 question which is pretty good going, but I doubt he would have bothered even attempting to answer the next one it wasn’t a free hit at that point. The question that Bunn was faced with was ‘From the 2000 awards ceremony onwards, the Best Actress Oscar has never been won by a woman whose surname begins with which one of these letters?”, which I’m sure you’ll agree that you probably had to read at least three times before actually comprehending what it was even asking you.

Then you have to go through 21 years of Oscar winners to try and figure it out and even if you had an encyclopaedic knowledge of them that would still take you a few minutes to go through and then if you missed just one out you could get the whole question wrong too. Completely ridiculous for a quiz show like WWTBAM? with the generally low time limit to answer a question.

Anyway, Bunn didn’t have a clue so used his phone a friend to ask his wife’s best friend Molly if she had any idea but unsurprisingly she didn’t have a clue either. As he would have kept the £32,000 anyway, Glen decided to take a pop at it and went with the letter G and that incredibly turned out to be correct! Go Glen! Take that WWTBAM?!

Yeah what a dumb question, especially the way it was worded? Can’t believe that professional quiz shows are asking stuff like that, but I suppose they don’t want to be giving away too much money do they? Bastards. Glen sure did kick their asses though, eventually winning £125,000 after he got the next question right too. Legend.

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