Who Wants A Sick Chirpse T-shirt?

We’ve decided to re-print our original t-shirt design because we want to see your girlfriend wearing it.


You may or may not remember when we first started (way back at the end of 2010) we soon decided that it would be rad if we could get one of our designer buddies to design us a really sick t-shirt so we could throw a few to people we knew who were in bands or who DJed or anyone who read the site and wanted to show the world how much they loved our fucked up ways. Well that happened and the resulting design was the t-shirt you can see above.When we did this we had about 26 Facebook likes and 4 Twitter followers, so not many people actually ended up with one of the baby eating t-shirts (about 8 people if I remember correctly). So last night after a beer I decided that it’d be cool to get a bunch of these original designs printed up on some fresh t-shirts for any of your guys or girls who wanted to rock one.

So, we have only 50 of these t-shirts available. If you want one you can buy one from here for £15. We’ll chuck in a bunch of Sick Chirpse stickers too that you can stick on your laptop or skateboard or significant other’s forehead, we really don’t mind, just make sure you send us a photo because we love seeing that shit. The profits will go into making sure we can feed ourselves so we don’t die and stop writing random shit for you all.


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