The whole world seems to hate the fact that Arcade Fire won the grammy for best album because nobody in the world seems to know who they are.

Last night at the Grammy Awards, indie band The Arcade Fire won album of the year for their record The Suburbs, edging out established mainstream acts Eminem and Lady Gaga (they actually lost best alternative album to the Black Keys though).

The world wasn’t happy with the decision though and a huge backlash has occurred today via social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, as it seems as though the majority of the world has never even heard of Arcade Fire and is outraged that they can beat chart acts to such a prestigious honour.

A specific tumblr has even been set up over at to catalogue some of the more impressive/retarded tweets from celebrities/the general public regarding the controversy:

Here’s a selection of some of the more entertaining messages:

from paulguynj: ‘How can this group get album of the year when they didn’t even have as many top 10 as Gaga. Did this group even have a number 1 hit?

from magicdawnjuan: ‘The grammy people have lost their mind….who are the Suburbs and how in heck did they win album of the year…smh

from Rosie O’Donnell: ‘album of the year? ummm never hear of them ever’

from MollyMoney: ‘WHAT. THE. HELL. WHO IS ARCADE FIRE??????? AND WHY DID THEY STEAL EMINEM/LADY GAGA’S AWARD????!!!! Like. Is this real life…..??????

from some girl on Facebook: arcade fire won a grammy for album of the year?….who the fvck are the voters? and more importantly who the fvck is arcade fire? those who know who they are need to look closely at their music….cause they prolly listen to Alkaline Trio too

from username_tj: ‘Shut the fvck up about Arcade Fire. I had never even heard of them before tonight sot hey must suck. Awards shows don’t mean shit anyway.

from acquachic10: ‘What the heck?! @TheGRAMMYs Who is arcade fire?? Even Barbara Streisand couldn’t believe it

And finally, my personal favourite from everyone’s favourite Bravo celebrity Dog the Bounty Hunter: ‘Who the he’ll is that Fire who?’


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