Study Finds That Nobody Sleeps Better Than White People

Finally, something white people are better than the rest of the world at.

Who knew that race and ethnicity had anything to do with how well you sleep? According to a new report from the Centres for Diseases Control and Prevention over in the States, nobody gets as good a night’s sleep (at least 7 hours uninterrupted) as white people.

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Their studies found that non-Hispanic whites had the highest rate of healthy sleep duration, at 66.8%.

Close to 66 percent of Hispanics got seven-plus hours, as did 62.5% of Asians and 59.6% of Native Americans. Black people were at 54.2%, and multiracial people were at the bottom, with 53.6%. Overall, people who were employed and college-educated slept better, too.


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Dr Lauren Hale broke it down:

What is likely going on is probably explained by demographic composition. Densely populated neighbourhoods might have more noise and light. African Americans compared to whites are more likely to live in those neighbourhoods.

There are concerns about racism, not being able to feed one’s family, relatives being incarcerated. One needs to feel safe. If you don’t have that internal feeling of security whether financial, physical or emotional, it will be harder to fall asleep.

Boom! Finally something white people can do better than anyone else. Think about it, there’s nothing we really stand out in. Black people make naturally great athletes, Chinese people are usually great at arithmetic, Spanish people are, erm, great at speaking Spanish. What would you say white people are naturally good at? Using factor 50 sunblock? There’s nothing we really excel at. We’ve never really had anything that we can be truly proud of. But now we do — it’s called sleeping. NO ONE gets in a solid 7 hours sleep in like white people.

P.S. I guess we’re pretty good at political elections and generally running the world too, but I’m happiest with sleeping.


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