White Mum Sparks Controversy For Having Her Sons Kneel & Pray To Black Women (VIDEO)

Bit weird.

If you thought that things couldn’t get more woke in 2021, then meet Justine Champion AKA @teenychamp on TikTok, who has gone viral for making her four young sons bow down and pray to black women as a celebration of Trump’s imminent departure from the White House.

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The California mum says her kids enjoy marching around chanting “all hail black women”, and that this clip took her 5 takes to get right:

Well I guess it’s a nice sentiment and all but… bit weird? Fetishising black women, using her kids to put out political messages they probably don’t even understand. Just seems very performative and like she’s trying to signal to everyone how woke and progressive she is.

Despite garnering some praise on Twitter, Justine is catching backlash from all angles also. Naturally the more extreme right-wingers’ brains are exploding, but many liberal/regular folk are also calling her out for being “cringe”, “insincere”, making everyone “uncomfortable”, and using BLM for “clout”.

Justine’s response to that was that she already has clout as she’s gone viral before for posting videos of “women and people of color and the history that’s left out of our textbooks.” Of course!

Regardless, Justine has since deleted the video from TikTok after it was viewed 13 million times:

I took it down after listening to some black women and their concerns. Others want me to put it back up because they loved it. Either way I’m grateful they helped get rid of trump.

Sounds about right. Well anyway, I’m sure Justine is a lovely lady with her heart in the right place, it was just an unbelievably weird and cringe video that made it seem like her and her boys are part of some bizarre cult. Let’s hope other likeminded whiteys take notice and never do anything like this ever again.

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