Where’s Wally Celebrates 25th Anniversary With England Footballers

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Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard, Joe Hart and Glen Johnson. They’re all in there somewhere along with Wally. Kelly Smith and Faye White are in there too but nobody really knows what they look like.

where's wally

It makes me feel really old when people tell me that it’s the 25th anniversary of Where’s Wally? because when I was a kid I kind of thought it had been out for a while, not that it was some brand new phenomenon that had just happened that I was a part of there and then. It’s kind of surprising that nobody thought it up beforehand because it was such a sick idea. I remember spending hours looking through my Where’s Wally? book for that pesky idiot and his girlfriend Wendy and arch enemy Odlaw. There were also loads of marketing opportunities for it – I mean how could you forget the Where’s Wally cartoon? That was really awesome and had one of the best title sequences/ theme musics ever. Check it out below:

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=payVbK9a6zs’]
I don’t really remember know how they managed to string out the concept into a whole TV series but the music is dope right so that’s all you need to know really. Anyway, for the 25ht anniversary of Where’s Wally they’re probably bringing out a special 25th anniversary book and a whole bunch of other shit but they’re also making this special 25th anniversary poster that features a bunch of international sports stars. At least I assume it does because I’ve been looking at it for a while and I can’t really recognise anyone I know at all, although I see that there are a lot of different athletes playing sport in it.

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Apparently Steven Gerrard, Joe Hart, Frank Lampard and Glen Johnson are all in it (what no Wayne Rooney?) but I can’t see where they are at all unless maybe they’re in the top left hand corner with their backs to us? It was way easier to find Faye White and Kelly Smith even though I don’t even know what they look like because they were actually playing football. It was also pretty easy to find Wally. I’m not sure if Wenda or Odlaw are in it but take a look and if you find the England men’s team let me know.

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