Where To Buy MRE In Canada?

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Different people love Meals Ready to Eat (MRE) for different reasons. There are those who love these meals because they are pre-cooked while others prefer them because they can be eaten hot or cold. Either way, MRE packages have stolen the hearts of many Canadians-and rightfully so.

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The fact that you can choose between military grade and civilian grade mre packs makes the deal even sweeter. While the former is often preferred for its nutritional value and ability to last longer, civilian grade meals are more flavorful and come in endless varieties.

Wondering where to purchase this complete meal package? Here are a few places that sell MRE in Canada:

Online Stores




As a popular MRE seller, understands that different situations call for different meals. So whether you are going hiking, camping, or backpacking, this seller will provide 72-hour, quick meal kits for you.

Everything from freeze-dried meats and vegetables to gluten-free MRE emergency options is at your disposal. If you are a cheese lover, always keep an eye out for the delicious cheese tortellini with marinara sauce. It often sells out quickly. 

There is an array of other MRE options, including barbeque sauce with chicken, vegetarian meat crumble, the potato beef stew, and many more.


  • eBay


They say that you can find anything and everything on eBay and Canadian MRE packages is not an exception. The sellers think it best to indulge your taste buds with all manner of flavors by running the gamut with MREs.

Some of the selections that are available on the platform include the Canadian Army Ration MRE 2019, the Canadian Forces IMP MRE Ration Canada Army, and the Canadian mre. It is up to you to choose the packaged meals that appeal the most to you. 

Do not be afraid to get a little bit of all the flavors. It is this way that you will find your favorite meals.


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