Dumbest Wheel Of Fortune Contestant Ever Thinks Venice Is In Paris (VIDEO)

He should have been disqualified on the spot for this.

Couple David and Keri Dailey won themselves a trip to Venice on Wheel of Fortune over in the States this week, but in the process David exposed what an utter numpty he is.

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When asked if he knew which country he would find Venice, he answers “Paris”. And then… “France”.

They honestly should have disqualified him and taken away the prize right there.

Watch below:

I’m sorry but even someone who couldn’t point out Italy on a map can tell you that Venice is in Italy. Or at the very least that it isn’t in France. Why did Keri even let her dumbass husband answer that question? You’ve got to cut him off and just jump in there and answer that one yourself. Instead she let him suicide dive into Internet dumbass notoriety. Got to know your other half well enough to know he can’t handle questions about geography.

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