What Is Web Scraping?

Ever wondered?

The Internet is a world of information and knowledge, whether it be text, media, data, or any other format. We see different web pages. Each of these web pages displays data in different forms. Accessing the data is a hard task to achieve as most of this data is not open. This is the place where Web Scraping jumps in.

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Webscraping is the extraction of data from any website. It provides a way to get information, web data in an automated format useful for users. It is useful if any website you want to get data (accessing data) doesn’t have an API or even if it has, but a limited amount of data is provided. 

Automated tools are often preferred for scraping web data as they are less costly and work much faster, but web scraping can be done manually. It isn’t a simple task to scrape web data. Websites come in several formats, forms, and shapes for which web scrapers vary accordingly in features, performance, and functionality.


There are countless uses of web scraping for personal and business needs. Every individual has their own specific need. Here we will discuss a few of them.

  • Price Intelligence

Price intelligence is one of the most used cases for web scraping. It includes the start basis of any research from extracting the pricing and product information and then turning it into intelligence, usually, from e-commerce websites. It can be useful for maintaining dynamic pricing, monitoring competitors, tending, revenue optimization.

  • Lead Generation

Lead generation is a crucial activity. Generating traffic and leads is surely a high challenge. Web scraping can be very useful for businesses or individuals from different websites, i.e., Extracting phone numbers, emails, websites, URLs.

  • Market Research

Market research is a crucial task that should be driven by accurate information. High quality and high-level web scraped data, market analysis, and business details of different businesses and individuals worldwide. It includes market pricing, competitor monitoring, market trend analysis.

  • Businesses/ e-commerce

E-commerce websites or companies related to specific domains require comprehensive data of products, services, and means in the market. Web scraper can be of great help here to keep a constant eye on this data. All the information is just a click away from a variety of sources. 

  • News and Content 

The era in which we are living in modern media plays a vital role. Media can be an amazing treat for valuing your business, or it can be a threat depends. If your company depends on the news, which frequently appears in the news, news data monitoring or web scraping is a great help. It can help monitor daily news analysis, decision making, competitor monitoring, sentiment analysis, critical stories from the industry, and many more ways.

  • Brand Monitoring

The industry is growing day by day. Every market or brand has its competitors in today’s competitive market; it is important to keep a look at competitors and maintain your excellent reputation. Brand monitoring web scraping can help you to gain such information and stay in the race.

  • Gathering data from multiple sources

Through web scraping, you can extract data from multiple sources and websites to a single sheet, making it easy for you to analyze the data. You might collect data on different categories or a specific category from multiple websites. It can be automobiles, industrial, business contacts, marketing. Different websites of a specific category display fresh information. You may not get your desired information from a single website. Different websites, having multiple different pages, which you may not see all those at once. Web scraping is a great deal here.


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