Werewolves are said to be creatures of our imaginations, but recent evidence proves they are in fact real and live in India.


I thought I was a hairy guy, hence my nickname and my username for Sick Chirpse, and I’ve revelled in being known as the-guy-who’s-all-hair as people like to describe me to their friends when they can’t remember my name because I’m that popular. I love having a beard. It’s like constantly having a scarf wrapped around your face, and after all isn’t the hobo look in? Or has that gone? Loads of awesome people have got beards, like Olof Mellberg (the best defender to ever play for Aston Villa), so I think I’m in good company. After all, when a babe magnet like the guy below has got a beard, why wouldn’t I love having one?

guy with beard

I’m gutted, though. I’ve finally found some people who are hairier than me. I’ve got mixed emotions, to be honest. Will I no longer be known as Beard when people see these pictures? Will people call me something shit like Soul-Patch Man? Or even ‘Tache Kid? I hope not. It would ruin my life.

Thinking about it, though, it’s not that bad. I should stop crying, because the people I’ve found are real-life werewolves! Yeah, the stories and films are true. They actually exist. The three sisters, Savita, Monisha and Savitri have a really rare condition that affect just one in a billion people: Werewolf Syndrome to us, hypertrichosis universalis to people in the know. The hair grows from head to toe, and the only way they can combat it is by applying cream to their bodies every day. And, even then, the hair keeps growing back. A pretty shitty situation. What makes the situation worse for them is they can’t afford to have laser surgery as it would cost them £4,500 each, and they haven’t got a wealthy family or anything. So, they’re stuck like it for the time being.

Here’s a picture of one of them with her sisters and mother in the background:

sangli sisters

And a video of two of them:

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dn681ZAuE_A’]

The girls are hoping to get married too, but they haven’t had any luck in India, so if you like your women hairy then here’s your chance.


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