This Is Legitimately The Weirdest Wrestling Exchange We’ve Ever Seen

Weirdest Wrestling Exchange

The deadliest move in wrestling.

Everyone knows that wrestling is one of the most outlandish sports/soap operas around and if you get it then that’s cool, but if you don’t then it’s your loss really.

As the form of entertainment has been around for so long, it’s becoming harder and harder to come up with new exchanges, storylines and moves, which sees companies constantly pushing the envelope of descending into downright stupidity. This video showcases the latter.

It’s from a wrestling federation in Japan, I have no idea who’s fighting or what is going on but when you see how ridiculous this is you’re going to be sure to be creasing.

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Absolutely stupid, but I suppose that’s why we love wrestling. I’d love to have seen HHH and The Rock get in a fight like that back in the day, wouldn’t you?

However, it might not be quite as stupid as the time one wrestler managed to floor another one with nothing but the power of his dick. No jokes.


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