Some of these are terrifying, some of them are messed up, but they are all definitely weird. Street sculptures by Mark Jenkins.

Mark Jenkins is an American street artist who is best known for some terrifying street sculptures such as the ones seen below in this post. Imagine if you were walking down the street listening to your headphones, maybe eating a cookie and suddenly you saw one of these – you would be freaked out. Maybe not terrified but you would definitely be like ‘what the hell is that?’ and be a little bit scared/weirded out. It’s kind of like a real life Project Mayhem.

Jenkins states that his philosophy is to use ‘the street as a stage’ whereby the passers by become actors and he can observe their reactions. Unsurprisingly the authorities have become involved in many of Jenkins’ pieces, causing them to be shut down. He remains upbeat about this though, merely describing those that shut him down as additional actors in his great street art performance. Mark has been to a bunch of cities all over the world and left  his inimitable street art in each of them. I guess street art really can pay the bills somehow?!

Check out some of his work below and if you’re into him go check out his website HERE for some more stuff. I think he might be straight edge though which is kind of lame.


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