Crazy weddings featuring pillows, dogs, cats, walls and cartoon characters!

Yes it’s a pillow, yes it’s dressed in a wedding dress and yes, this dude is married to it. Meet Lee Jin-gyu, 28 year old Japanese chap who fell for his dakimakura: a large pillow from Japan often with an anime characters face printed on. His friends (real or not I don’t know) say he is completely obsessed with the pillow and takes it with him everywhere he goes, places like the funfair where they go on rides together or for romantic dinners where the pillow gets its own meal, but It turns out Lee isn’t the only nut job celebrating a weird wedding…

Uwe Mitzscherlich a 39-year —old postman from Germany went ahead and married his cat after finding out she was ill and probably wouldn’t be around for much longer. Mr Mitzscherlich bought Cecila when she was five and claims it was love at first sight.

‘Cecila has such a trusting character. We constantly smooch as she has slept in my bedroom the beginning of our relationship, which is unique’ he said.

Sharing a bedroom with someone you’re in a relationship with doesn’t seem very unique, but then again he is married to a cat.

Next up is Selva Kumas, a heavily disabled Indian man who believes he has been living with a curse after killing two dogs 15 years ago. Selva married the pooch back in 2005 and it is unknown if the ‘curse’ has been lifted, I doubt it.

Now we move onto inanimate objects, the Berlin Wall for example. As mad as it seems, Eija-Ritta-Mauer married the hated symbol of communist oppression and changed her surname to the German for ‘Berlin Wall’ and claims it is not just her who gets pleasure when the unorthodox couple make love…

Finally we have a something in between real life and inanimate, a cartoon character. Taichi Takashita has started a petition in Japan to allow the marriage of fictitious characters such as the ones below.

More than 1,000 people have signed the petition which started only days after a Woman was jailed in Japan for ‘killing’ her virtual husband after he divorced her in an online game.

Taichi said: “I am no longer interested in three dimensions. I would even like to become a resident of the two-dimensional world. However, that seems impossible with present-day technology. Therefore, at the very least, would it be possible to legally authorise marriage with a two-dimensional character”.

Anime is massive in Japan with well known followers such as current prime minister Taro Aso, who recently complained as to not having enough time to read his comic books since he took power.

So what’s next? The statue of liberty? Urm… ‘Woman Loves Liberty’


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