Here Are The Weirdest Things Women Say They Look For In A Partner

This will make you feel so good about yourself.

In an age where men and women a like are pressured by the media and those around them to look and behave a certain way if they’re to ever get laid or have any kind of intimate relationship with someone, it’s nice to see that there are still plenty of people out there able to think for themselves and settle for certain unconventional traits they find attractive.

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Here are the confessions of 13 women who spoke to Thought Catalogue.



I love really fucking bony guys. Collarbones, ribs, hipbones, all of it. I want to feel like I’m cuddling with a skeleton. Lol… seriously.



My dad is always extremely gentlemanly towards my mom, so I think from a young age that was something I looked for in the guys I dated. But for me being gentlemanly is more than just ‘giving her your jacket,’ or ‘holding the door.’ For example, I love it when a guy will order for both of us at the table, by asking me what I want and then telling the waiter for both of us. Some women find stuff like that sexist or demeaning, but I absolutely love it.



I like guys who are not creative at all. Like, they can be creative thinkers, but I don’t like when they are ‘creatives’ who practice art/writing/music/etc. I generally don’t like creative male personalities, and since I’m a creative professional, I don’t want to feel any competition. My husband is a lawyer who loves reading, board games, and travel. Plenty ‘creative’ for me.



It’ll probably never happen but I have a SERIOUS fetish for guys with snakebite piercings.



Out of shape. I don’t like when a guy is too fit.



It’s always weird to me when women talk about wanting a guy who plans things/surprises/etc. For me, I love having control over the social element of my relationship and I don’t like surprises. If I can plan every dinner and holiday, that’s awesome. I don’t like guys who get slick with celebrations. Also I want to pick the restaurant.



I love guys with lots and lots of chest hair. If I can seriously braid that shit, sign me up

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I never want to share a bed with someone except for sex/the occasional night of cuddling, so the guys I’m with have to accept the idea that they would be with someone long-term who will never share their bed. A lot of people are very weirded out by this, which I understand, but I am just someone who really values their sleep and is an extremely light sleeper. I don’t like the feeling of someone next to me all the time, and I also need my personal space. So far I’ve only had one serious relationship where the guy was okay with that, and we dated for three years. When we broke up, I was like ‘oh shit, now I have to find another guy who’s okay with paying for a 2-bedroom.



Has a good collection of old, comfy hoodies that I can steal. I like a guy who dresses well but if he doesn’t still have a drawer full of college sweatshirts with holes in them, it just says something about him as a person.



I actually like guys who are my height or shorter. So many people are shocked by that, but for some reason I really like the way it feels. Guys who feel ‘compact’ if that makes any sense. I’ve always liked the slightly muscular, shorter guy look. For the record, I’m 5’7.



I won’t date American guys. He can be whatever he wants, just not American. And yes, I’m American.

Turns out there’s hope for us all eh?

Whatever you do though, when you find the one – don’t get too comfortable too quickly.


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