This Black Albino Dude’s ‘Key Points Of Life’ Videos Are Going Viral

Key Points To Life

You’ve gotta hand it to him – this makes sense.

Looking at this dude, you probably think that he doesn’t actually have that much to offer you in terms of life wisdom or key points to life.

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Well, if you were thinking that then you would be absolutely wrong because he just uploaded this video and it’s going viral on account of what he’s saying it being a complete truth bomb:

To be honest, I don’t think that anyone reading this can argue with the validity of that comment because it does sound completely enjoyable. Maybe even if you’re a woman too.

In his own words, Nathan expands on his situation so it makes even more sense:

I live in LA, it gets hot, I get bored, and I like being naked. I am a black albino and have no pigment, so sometimes the fan is just safer.

Um safer than what exactly? Not sure what he’s banging on about there but next time it’s super hot in this dumb country (can it stop raining all the time in July please?) then I’m going to try this out immediately.

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