Our perfectly normal friends from Japan produce some more crazy shit. What’s new?

Would you like a straighter nose?

Or maybe you would like something the gym cant provide you with… a mouth exerciser? Well…why not don one of these beautiful yet ‘subtle’ accessories from our perfectly ‘normal’ friends in Japan and make it happen. Sure we all have insecurities, things we would like to tweak maybe, but you would have to be pretty fvcking gruesome to have to resort to one of these.The mouth exerciser works its magic by the wearer reciting the vowel sounds of the alphabet three times a minute, twice a day. And just think… if it doesn’t work at least you will look like a pretty little love doll for a few minutes.

The nose straightener is  great if your going for the ‘went to mars and brought a mate back’ look or the ‘been in an awful accident and are receiving fluids through a drip’ look, both very desirable, popular and current.

If you still cant be at peace with yourself though, you could try something else, maybe a ‘face off’ type procedure? A mask? Or you could just relax and forget who you are on one of these wonderful, confidence enhancing, fake girlfriend lap pillow’s to remind you that you don’t have a girlfriend:


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