The Internet Is PISSED At This Wedding Photo And With Good Reason

Absolutely RUTHLESS.

This photo was shared on Reddit earlier and it’s got people completely freaking out. Fair enough — it’s a completely ruthless move to propose at someone else’s wedding. The bride’s thunder has been completely stolen and she knows it. There’s absolutely NO good reason why anyone should take any of the attention off the bride on her wedding day but these two idiots could not care less from the looks of things.

Then again I guess the rules go out the window when you reach a certain age and start worrying about whether you’ll ever get married at all. Going to take a wild guess and say the girl in the red is one of those people. If the only way she’s getting proposed to is for her boyfriend to pop the question at her friend’s wedding then so be it. Not going to let another person’s wedding day get in the way of her happiness.

Just look at the bride’s face — look at it:


I’d say that’s about 10% “I’m pleased for you” and 90% “you’re fucking dead to me bitch”. Although to be fair – it’s the guy doing the proposing she should really want to murder.

P.S. The bride has to show up at this girl’s wedding and completely ruin it now, right? HAS to. I’m thinking a pregnancy announcement right before the first dance.

At least there weren’t any new brides twerking at the reception, I guess.


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