We Checked Out Krubera Cave: The Deepest Cave On Earth

Krubera Cave is deeper than 5 Empire State Buildings.

You wouldn’t catch me clambering on my hands and knees through pitch black caves. I’m a chicken, and I’m fairly sure most caves are filled to the brim with ghosts and hideous eye-eating monsters. Potholing is not my bag, but I do totally respect the size of caver’s balls.

We put up some epic photos from the largest cave in the world recently and that got my pulse racing (in a bad way), but at least that particular cave is fairly spacious inside, the Krubera Cave in Georgia is a lot more claustrophobic, and there are a lot more falling hazards.

I guess I’m not the norm though, some people bloody love getting themselves wedged between ancient rocks and struggling for breath hundreds of feet underground. These pictures of Krubera Cave are for those freaks.

Check out the cave across the following slides:

Krubera Cave - Georgia - Deepest descent 2

Krubera Cave in Georgia has the impressive accolade of being the deepest cave the world has to offer. It delves more than two whole kilometres from its entrance to the deepest section yet explored. It could comfortably hold five Empire State buildings within its mighty bowels. In fact it is the only known cave to surpass 2,000 metres in depth.

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