Water Powered Hoverboard Looks Like The Most Fun Ever

Water Powered Hoverboard

Quite possibly the most amazing thing that has happened in 2014.

Hoverboards might not be that far away if you believed that dumb viral advert with Tony Hawk in earlier in the year, but the next best thing is actually here – the water powered overboard.

Check out the video below to see it in action and all the fun that these guys are having riding it around in the bay and pulling off sick tricks at 45 feet in the air. It’s also good for spraying your buddies who are on land or on a boat for lolz.

The water powered overboard was created by Franky Zapata and is quite simply one of the sickest things ever judging by this video. Unfortunately, if you want to buy one it’s going to cost you around 5 grand if you buy it from the UK, but you can get a 30 minute go on one for £100. Maybe wait a couple of years until the prices go down eh?

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