Watch A Woman With A Baseball Bat Interfere In A Brutal Road Rage Fight

Road Rage Woman Baseball Bat

They say behind every man is an even greater woman, and in the case of this video I 100% agree.

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In the video from Dewsbury of all places, two guys are getting hard into it in the street after one of them carved the other up whilst they were driving or something. One guy seems to totally be dominating the other when out of nowhere a woman runs out of the car from across the street wielding a baseball bat and ends up chasing him out of there. Never leave home without a baseball bat in the car I guess:

That’s my girl. I love the way the dude kicks the other dude’s car door in after she’s chased him off and then lets her drive their car away from the scene of the crime. Think we know who wears the pants in that relationship eh?

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