Watch Vin Diesel Act Like A Complete Creep With A Female Interviewer


So gross.

Vin Diesel usually has a fairly decent reputation in Hollywood as a good guy, but he’s kind of ruined that in the below interview where he acted like a complete and utter creep to a Brazilian YouTuber.

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Diesel was being interviewed by Brazilian YouTuber Carol Moreira who had a bunch of fairly interesting questions for the actor during a 12 minute segment. Unfortunately for her, Diesel appears to be a bit hungover/still drunk – wearing sunglasses indoors is always a dead giveaway for that sort of behaviour – and instead decides to be a complete creep and starts hitting on her halfway though the interview. Choice lines include:

God, you’re so beautiful, she’s so beautiful, am I right or wrong? How am I supposed to do this interview, look at this woman, talk to me baby.

Tell me your story, let’s get out of here, let’s go have lunch.

I love you. I love her, man she’s so fucking sexy. I can’t do this interview, look at her.

There’s even a bit where he starts crawling towards her. Carol does not look impressed at all and just looks really awkward and the whole thing is majorly cringey, especially when you consider Diesel has three children with the woman he’s been seeing since 2007, Paloma Jimenez. Gross.

The interview is pretty long – and Vin actually says some interesting things – but he starts acting a bit weird around 6 minutes in:

Ewwww. Way to completely destroy your reputation with one video dude.

It’ll be interesting to see if he has a response for this or if he just hopes it all blows over, but with one million views already, it seems unlikely anyone’s going to forget it any time soon. Merry Xmas.

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