Watch This Woman Swallow A Whole Stick Of Butter Without Chewing


Great party trick.

It’s well known that butter isn’t exactly the best for you so I imagine that like most people, when I buy a stick of butter it lasts for a pretty long time.

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The woman in this video isn’t like most people though, as she buys sticks of butter and then just swallows them whole in one go without even chewing it. There’s no way that watching this won’t make you wretch:

Ugh. That is literally so gross – how the hell does she fit that down there and get it down into her stomach without dying? Also doesn’t it taste completely and utterly rank and feel really weird in your throat/stomach?

So many questions, I’m pretty sure all the guys reading this are probably thinking about the connotations of such a talent though aren’t they? Sorry, I don’t have any details on her or way to track her down to find out about that one, but if she’s reading this and wants to come clean then feel free.

For more butter, check out the Adele butter dance. That really was something else.


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