Watch This Woman Savagely Batter A McDonald’s Manager After He Refused To Give Her Ketchup

Ketchup Beating

Probably deserves a beating to be fair.

Whenever you head to McDonald’s – very rarely in my case, seriously – then you’ve gotta make sure they give you a whole bunch of sauce with their fries because that’s literally the best part. Especially that BBQ sauce.

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Although BBQ sauce is my favorite, some woman from Santa Ana, California is way more into ketchup. Like way, way more into ketchup, so much so that when she was refused some she stormed into the back of the McDonald’s and beat the living shit out of the manager of the restaurant. Seriously – this is a pretty brutal video:

Hot damn that is a relentless video and the footage is made even worse when it’s revealed that the manager actually agreed to give her more ketchup straight off the bat, but just asked her to move out of the kitchen area and he would help her. She clearly wasn’t having any of it though as she quickly moved to beat the tar out of him. Didn’t even get her ketchup by the looks of things either.

The cops have now released this footage to try and catch the woman as she is yet to be apprehended. If you live in Santa Ana or were around the McDonald’s there on the 27th October, you know what to do.

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