Watch This ISIS Fighter Celebrate Wildly As He Wins A Game To Become The Next Suicide Bomber



It’s well known that ISIS inspires a level of fanaticism in their followers that is pretty much unprecedented in any other organisation, but it’s not until you see it in action that you actually realise how truly messed up it is.

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In the video below, you see the moment that an ISIS fighter gets picked to be a suicide bomber by winning a guessing game with a more senior member of the group. You might expect him to be kinda sad as he’s effectively signed his own death warrant, but this is far from his reaction as he runs around celebrating like he’s won the lottery. Told you it was messed up:

Yeah I can’t really get over how happy that guy is about all that – I suppose it’s kind of impressive that they can brainwash people into getting that stoked about blowing themselves and a bunch of other people up, but I think we can all agree that it’s just completely and utterly screwed up when you think about it right?

Fortunately, it seems like ISIS are on the back burner at the moment and are actively falling apart – hopefully it won’t be too long until Mosul is taken and they’re driven out of Iraq. Did you know you could live stream the whole assault on the city? 2016 baby.


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