Watch This Hero Jump Off A Bus To Annihilate A Guy Attacking A Woman (VIDEO)


He annihilates him with just one punch.

Everybody always says stuff like ‘if I saw a woman getting beaten up in the middle of the street, there’s no way I wouldn’t step in and help’, but when it comes to the actual crunch and actually stepping up to help, it turns out that most people are toffee.

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Not the guy in this video though. It looks like it’s going down somewhere in the Eastern bloc or Russia, but two women seem like they’re innocently minding their own business hanging out at the bus stop. Then, out of nowhere this one dude runs up and starts attacking one of them and beating the crap out of her, no reasons given.

One of the guys on the bust isn’t having this though, and jumps off to set the record straight. Hero:

Yeah, that dude sure showed him huh, and looks like he gave him a stern lecture afterwards too. Of course, we don’t know what this guy’s beef with the woman was, but that’s just the way things go unfortunately. It sounds a lot better if it was just a random attack so let’s stick with that huh?

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