Watch This Guy Pull The Most Insane Stunt Mid-Skydive


Serious skills.

As I’ve mentioned before in these pages, skydiving isn’t something that I think looks like fun and isn’t something I ever want to try – yes I’m a pussy. And this video kinda highlights another reason not to do it: because you might lose your shoes or anything you’ve got loose in your pockets. Probably your own dumb fault for not securing them though to be fair.

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Miraculously though, the guy in this video is such a seasoned skydiving pro that he’s able to somehow catch up with his shoe and get it back on his foot before he hits the ground. What an absolute G.

Yeah that is some pretty dope skills – I’ve got no idea how he managed to track the trajectory/speed of the shoe so that he would end up drifting right into its path? Literally blows my mind. I kept thinking how annoying it would have been if he had dropped it once he had caught it too – kinda thing that some butterfingers I know would end up doing.

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