Watch This Guy Escape From Police Motorbikes On A Moped In A Truly Epic Chase


He loses them by taking the dirt paths in the forest.

I’m fairly sure that if the police were beckoning most of the people reading this to pull over in the street, then at least 90% of us would do it without a second thought, despite how much we don’t want to and wish we had the balls to try and outrun them.

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That’s why videos like this are so popular. I’m not really sure of the reasoning behind it, but it shows some cops on motorbikes trying to pull over a guy on a moped in some European country and him not giving a fuck and trying to get away from them.

The great part about it is that the police motorbikes are way faster than his shitty little moped and he suffers a massive crash in the video, but the kid still manages to get away thanks to a combo of luck and skill and knowing the back roads in his area. Absolute master:

Absolutely inspirational, heart pounding stuff. I thought he was a goner for sure when he fell off his bike, but it just goes to show if you run (ride) as hard and as fast as possible then anything is achievable. Maybe I should do that the next time the cops try and pull me over for speeding? Yeah, maybe not.

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