Watch This Mum Shoot Her Kids’ iPhones With A Shotgun Because They Won’t Stop Using Them

Angry Southern Woman Shoots Phones

Well that’s one way to teach them.

Parenting is a hard slog by anyone’s definitions, but it must be even harder these days in the age of social media, smartphones and tablets as you’ve probably got no idea who your kid is talking to or listening to, except that it definitely isn’t you.

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One southern mother has had enough with her children’s obsession with smartphones and disobedience and has decided to teach them a lesson – by shooting them with a shotgun and sticking it on YouTube for the whole world to see. In a rather dramatic video, she lines the phones up against a tree, lets out one hell of a speech to her kids (who are all giving her the finger and swearing at her) and then blows them to smithereens with a shotgun. She also makes sure she crushes them with a hammer for good measure.

There’s also another video of her which was uploaded a couple of days earlier where she destroys her kids’ mattresses by blowing them up, this time because of their excessive drug use and disobedience. I’m sensing a common theme with her unhappiness.

Well yeah I mean, I suppose that’s one way to teach your kids a lesson? Or alternatively just get them to absolutely hate and resent you even more than they do already? It seems a given that in 2016 kids are going to party and use social media – and of course they’re going to rebel and not do what you tell them to do – so why not just let them get on with it? Destroying their beds and smartphones isn’t going to help anything. In fact it’s just going to make the situation worse – even I know that and I don’t even have any kids.

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