Watch The Moment A Woman Kills An Armed Robber During Dramatic Shoot-Out


Get off my property.

The video below shows what happens when an armed robbery goes wrong, after a man was killed during an attempted armed robbery.

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A group of three burglars over in Gwinett County, Georgia, attempted to break into a couple’s home. The footage shows them entering the house carrying firearms. Little did they know that the homeowner had a weapon of her own and she comes charging in quite literally all guns blazing and goes in on the gang as they attempt to flee the scene. However, 28-year-old Antonio Leeks, who was part of the breaking and entering group, was shot and pronounced dead at the scene.

Although the local police are saying that the homeowner acted appropriately, from an outsider’s perspective I would argue that guns are the real problem here. Yes, those guys shouldn’t be breaking and entering someone’s home, but they probably have a sad backstory of their own and if guns were banned then neither of the parties would have been armed in the first place. And probably a lot less damage would have been caused.

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