Watch Stuntwoman Jessie Graff Absolutely Dominate 2016’s Ninja Warrior

Jessie Graf Ninja Warrior

She even had 12 seconds to spare at the end.

Ninja Warrior is just one of those shows which you must have watched about 1000 times without ever really meaning to, and you’re still waiting for that one time where you actually tune in and somebody beats it – usually whenever that happens you’ll only ever see it on the internet because it’s so rare.

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This is one of those times again and it’s the turn of 32 year old stuntwoman Jessie Graf who might as well just change her name to Lara Croft right now. Appearing in a Wonder Woman outfit, she absolutely nails this qualifying round with a killer time, reaching the end of the race with a full 12 seconds to spare:

Absolutely inspirational. Will we be seeing her in a couple of months nailing the final stage as well though? It’s doubtful, but hey maybe if you keep tuning into Ninja Warrior on TV you might be able to see it happen live right then and there. Yeah right.

For more awesome Ninja Warrior skills, check out this video of a guy finally destroying the final stage after all these years.


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