Watch This Spear Fisherman Get Attacked By A 12 Foot Great White Shark


Amazing that he even survived.

I’m not really sure what the attraction of spear fishing is  – I suppose it’s kind of cool snagging a fish with your spear and then eating it or whatever – but the fact that you can run into huge sharks that might be able to kill you whilst you’re taking part in it means it’s a big no no from me.

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In the video below, 22-year-old Tyler McQuillen comes face to face with a 12 foot great white shark but somehow manages to get out of there with just a broken toe and bitten foot, even after the shark actually went for him:

I was diving off the coast of Santa Barbara at Refugio Point when I was hit in the back; I thought it was my friends playing a joke on me.

I lost grip of my speargun which I quickly retrieved and then it hit me. A HUGE great white which was at least 12ft long attacked me from the left side.

It quickly circled around me and I used my speargun to keep it away.


Yep, probably not going to get into spearfishing after that one. McQuillen is seriously lucky though – there’s no telling what that shark might have done if it had bumped him a bit better in the first place.

Seriously scary footage, that seems to happen all too often – watch this diver actually fight off a shark attack in a super intense encounter.


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