WATCH: Some Guys Rigged A Taser To A Bike And Let Thieves Try And Steal It


As you can expect, brutality was the result.

Amidst the wealth of absolutely classic prank videos out there, you occasionally come across examples that are even more satisfying to watch simple because the victims of the prank actually really deserve it. This is one such example, where some geniuses have figured out how to rig a remote taser to an abandoned bicycle that can be activated by phone. They leave the bike out in the open and wait for thieves to try and ride off on their newly fond prize only to then shock the ever-loving shit out of them.

The best part in my opinion, is watching the thieves go so quickly from riding away smugly, thinking that they’ve just scored some dudes bike to freaking out like schoolgirls and desperately running away. The last guy actually attempts to crawl after the bicycle even after having been thrown to the ground, so he gets an A+ for effort.


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