Watch Ricky Hatton Fall Over In A Nightclub With His Top Over His Head


Ricky Hatton’s trouble with drugs and alcohol have been well documented since his retirement and it seems like there may be a new reason to be concerned about him following the emergence of a video from a recent holiday in Tenerife where he has been filmed stumbling around with his top over his head and then falling over.

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The video shows hims fall over and whack his head pretty hard at what looks like a disco bar, before slowly getting up and then staring blankly ahead. You can take a look at it below, but it’s been enough to cause fans to post about him on social media and worry that he may have relapsed or something:

Damn he does look a bit worse for wear there doesn’t he, but I suppose not really any worse than you or I may have done on a Saturday night in our prime. I suppose the difference with Hatton is that he does have a history of depression and attempted suicide, so videos like this are going to set alarm bells ringing. Let’s hope that he’s going to be alright.

A pal has even come forward and told The Daily Star that it’s nothing to worry about and that he was just pissed and someone tripped him up:

It was a few days ago, he’s on holiday, he’s with his friends.

You can see people taking advantage of the situation, pushing him and tripping him up.

I think it’s an indictment of today’s society that all these so-called concerned people continued filming him.

He’s fine he’s just had one too many on a night out with his mates and that’s the end of it, and then he’s recovering and spent the rest of his time with his feet up.

He didn’t know anything about it when I spoke to him, he didn’t understand people were filming it, I suppose he thinks people are making a mountain out of a molehill out of it.

He’s just out on his holiday, he’s been out there for over 10 days, if you notice there’s nothing else that’s been on Twitter and stuff like that, he’s just out on his holidays.

He’s on holiday, he got p*****, someone tripped him up, he’s on the floor, it looks bad.

But it is what it is.

I mean yeah, it’s kinda fair enough really – guy is on holiday we should probably leave him alone and not film him making a tit of himself. Fingers crossed that’s all there is to it though.

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