Watch Phil Foden Get Into A Heated Argument With His Girlfriend On Holiday



Phil Foden might be one of the best young players that England have at the moment (although I guess technically he isn’t that young a player considering he’s been around for four seasons now – he’s still only 22 so….) but unfortunately he seems to be developing a bit of a reputation as a party animal/love rat.

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Foden has been with his girlfriend Rebecca Cooke since the pair were teenagers and they share two children together but obviously there have been a couple of times when his loyalty has been questioned, most notably when him and Mason Greenwood snuck two Icelandic cousins into their hotel room whilst away on England duty. Doesn’t seem like he’s learned his lesson from that really as not only is he regularly pictured out partying with Jack Grealish, but now he’s been filmed getting into a massive row with Cooke on a family holiday with both his parents at a luxury beach club at Glyfada Beach, Corfu.

The argument kicked off when Cooke looked at Foden’s phone whilst he was swimming in the sea. You can see the footage below and read what a witness at the scene thought about it below that:

When we arrived he was heading into the toilet so I asked for a picture and he told me, ‘No’, which I thought was a bit rude.

We were sat on the terrace and they were down on the beach.

The next thing you know they’re coming up the stairs having a massive argument. It all just erupted.

It was only about five minutes and then they left abruptly.

It was a lot of swearing, she was getting in his face. It’s a posh place as well.

His girlfriend was saying ‘We can’t take you anywhere because this always happens’.

It didn’t look like they had been drinking or anything and I only saw Foden sipping a bottle of water. I think it was to do with other women.

What it looked like was he was refusing photos, but when women came up to him it was different.

But whatever happened I was shocked by how Rebecca was acting. She was the one causing the scene.

I felt a bit sorry for him, because I thought he might have come to a posh place with not many Brits so he didn’t get recognised.

I don’t think she should have shouted at him for everyone to see. It brought a lot more attention to the situation, and a lot of people saw it.

Well I guess we don’t know what she was angry about, but it’s probably not going to do Fodes any favours to yell at him like that in public and then end up escorted out of the resort by security because they’re making so much of a row. Even Foden’s mother was heard remarking that she had had enough of the drama, so you get the impression that this kinda stuff happens all the time.

Sounds like it might be six of one and half a dozen of the other but it doesn’t seem like either of them are blameless here. Be interesting to see how their relationship develops over the coming months/years and if they can make it work because right now it doesn’t seem to be going that well.

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