Watch One Of The Most Insane Touchdown Passes Of All Time


Are you kidding me?

American football is a really complicated sport that doesn’t make sense to a lot of people, but I think even if you don’t really get what it’s all about then you can probably still enjoy the insane catch for a touchdown that you can see in the videos below.

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Ohio State were playing Oklahoma at the weekend and Ohio were winning 35-17 thanks to this absolutely unbelievable catch from Noah Brown. Brown was in the end zone and the defensive player was blocking him perfectly, but Brown still managed to somehow put his arm around the guy and do a no look catch with one hand  whilst simultaneously hugging the dude. That sounded pretty impressive when I typed it but just you wait until you see an actual video of it:

Yeah, how the hell did he manage to pull that off? Guy must be an absolute baller and you just know he’s going to be getting some at uni over the weekend after busting out that move. Probably for the rest of his life come to think about it. Absolutely incredible tekkerz.

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