Watch Mike Tyson Pick Hasbulla Up Like A Baby And Nibble On His Ear

I’m  still not really sure why Hasbulla is famous, other than because he’s a 20 year old man with dwarfism that likes getting mouthy with people, but it’s quite funny to see Mike Tyson completely disrespect him in the video below and quite clearly think that he’s actually a baby.

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Hasbulla is currently on his first trip to the United States and decided to drop by to the Hotboxin podcast studios with the Nelk Boys where he met the former heavyweight boxing champion. Obviously, Tyson thought the best way to celebrate this was to pick the guy up and then nibble on his ear like he was a little baby.

Clearly this has worked because the video has since gone massively viral, although perhaps not for the reasons Tyson thought it might as a lot of people are calling him creepy and weird for his actions:

Yeah that video is quite strange and you can see why Hasbulla is so angry all the time when people just pick him up like a rag doll and treat him like that. Must be really annoying when you’re out there trying to be a serious guy, but also must be really annoying period to have dwarfism. Sort of feel bad for the dude, but then he

For more of the same, check out when Hasbulla dissed The Liver King to his face. Felt a bit unnecessary at the time but maybe I get it now?


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