WATCH: Man Jumps Into Lake To Save Brand New Drone

Would you dive into a freezing cold lake to save a new toy?

Drones are all the rage at the moment, whether they’re being flown over Chernobyl or being punched out of the sky by a kangaroo, everyone’s getting involved.

A chap called Zwier Spanjer recently got a brand new DJI Phantom 2 and was having the time of his life flying the little thing around the heavens. He’d been using it all day long and the pure unbridled joy of it all had made him forget that they run on electricity, which (with our current state of knowledge) isn’t infinite.

As the drone slowly sank from the skies the panicking Spanjer is forced waist deep into what looks like pretty frigid water to save it from drowning.

It’s not quite as impressive as the video of a cat saving a boy from being mauled by a dog, but it is pretty jokes:


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