Watch These Hardcore Gamers Continue To Keep Playing Despite The Fact The Room Is Flooded


I’ve only really realised fairly recently how serious professional gamers are after that BBC Three documentary about an eSports team, but if you need any more evidence than check out this footage from over in the Philippines.

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A bunch of kids had gathered to play video games against each other in a local internet cafe in Cainta, Rizal province, but they hadn’t reckoned with the fact that the monstrous typhoon In-fa was soon to be ripping through the region. The internet cafe started to flood, but these kids were so entrenched in their gaming that they just carried on without a care in the world even though there was every chance that they could be electrocuted.

Here’s what owner Sio Samson had to say about the unusual scenes:

We didn’t know the flood water would rise that day so when I saw them, I immediately took action and told them that I have to transfer the equipment to a higher place.

After that video, they also stopped and left, none of us was hurt.

Well that’s good I suppose but I still find it so crazy that didn’t want to get the hell out of there immediately after the place started flooding and they didn’t realise the risks of what could actually go down. Are kids just fearless now? Or uneducated? Or stupidly addicted to games? Or a combination of all three.

Not sure what ended up happening in the Philippines but when the typhoon hit China a load of people ended up dying because of a hell of a load of flooding, so these dumb gamer kids should count themselves lucky. Could have gone very differently.

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