Watch A Guy Score Ten Million Points On A Single Run In ‘Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Remaster’


It’s less than a week since the ‘Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater’ remaster arrived, but that’s all the time it’s taken for one guy to absolutely smash the game and score ten million points off a single run on it.

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Thankfully, the dickhead recorded the session and uploaded it so we can all see just how far we have to go in our game to be anything like the best player out there. His name is Patrick Kulikowski and you can see his epic 10 million point run – which he also achieved in the standard two minute window as well – in the video below.

Get ready to have your mind blown:

Wow. OK firstly, I can’t believe that that wasn’t just one line and that he fell off halfway through it – I felt like surely he would have had to have kept going the whole time off one line to get a score so high? Also couldn’t believe he fell off right at the end because he could have kept going and got an even bigger score.

The craziest thing about it was that this run didn’t even put him in the top 200 scores on it though. How have so many people done better than him already on this and how are their videos not out on the internet and being shared everywhere? Just how?

As for his technique, it was a bit lame that he just kept grinding and wally-ing that one bit for most of the video, but it still got me pretty tense when I was watching it, especially when he was doing all those manual tricks on the ground. Great video, but I was really hoping it was just going to be one long combo line and he wouldn’t just be doing the same thing all the way through it. Will probably only be a couple of days before someone nails that though.

For more of the same, here’s Tony Hawk skating the warehouse level in real life. Mega.


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