Watch This Guy Dancing To Uptown Funk And Absolutely Killing It

This is the best dance routine in history. Seriously.

Everybody thinks that they’re great at dancing – there’s pretty much no exception to that rule. As soon as you get a couple of beers down you (or a couple of pills) then you’re on that dance floor bopping around like you absolutely own the shop and thinking you look exactly like John Travolta.

The trouble is that most people don’t look anything like this and in reality just look like their dads. One guy who doesn’t have this problem though is Fred Rawicz who absolutely smashed it at T In The Park yesterday when he did a one man dance routine to Uptown Funk. To say that he absolutely killed it would be a massive understatement because he pulls out the freshest moves in history and even busts a split. It’s like he had it all planned out ahead of time.

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You wish you looked as good as that. If you want to try then maybe look at this video which teaches you what good dancing looks like according to science – not really sure how accurate it is though.


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