Watch This Groom Get So Spangled At His Wedding His Mother In Law Has To Feed Him


Your wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day of your life and usually that means that a whole load of alcohol is going to be flowing and people are going to be getting pretty merry – unfortunately that can also lead to any number of potentially embarrassing situations, like the groom in the video below found out.

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Not really sure where this video came from or what the context for it is, but it seems like the guy in the video has definitely had too much to drink as he’s been reduced to a dribbling mess and he hasn’t even done his speech yet. His mother in law is sitting next to him at the top table and is hand feeding him the meal because the guy is literally incapable of doing it himself.

He’s a complete and utter mess basically:

Lol. #WeddingGoals am I right?

Not really sure how the rest of the wedding went down but I’m kind surprised whoever filmed this didn’t include the speech and the first dance and everything else that this guy inevitably mangled up during his big day. Would have made one hell of a supercut – hopefully we see more of it in the coming days.

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