Watch Freediving Champion Guillaume Nery Explore The Deepest Pool In The World On One Breath

Guillaume Nery

I haven’t really managed to figure out how Guillaume Nery is able to take one breath and then rock around underwater for about an hour doing whatever he wants, but that only serves to make some of the videos he shows up in even more impressive.

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In his latest one, Guillaume is over in Italy and exploring the deepest pool that’s ever been built. It’s known as the Y40 – I guess because it’s 40 foot deep – and I’m not really sure what the point of it is as you can’t really do a lot in it. I also doubt anyone except for Guillaume can probably hold their breath long enough to actually reach the bottom, but hey it’s there so I suppose you might as well make a sick video of a dude exploring it:

Yep, still none the wiser about the actual use of this pool and why someone would spend a load of time and effort making it, but at least they could make that cool video about it. I bet Guillaume must have been absolutely buzzing when he heard of its existence.

For more of Guillaume Nery holding his breath, check out this video of him diving around the ocean floor. Insanely creepy.


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