Watch A Florida Woman Blame The Devil, Hillary Clinton, Bill Gates And 5G For Coronavirus Mask Laws

What is she talking about?

One of the strangest things about the Coronavirus pandemic – and there are a lot of strange aspects to it sure – are the people who just straight up refuse to wear masks when they’re outside or on public transport because they feel like it makes them look weak or whatever. It’s straight up weird.

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It’s one thing though just refusing to wear them and another thing entirely to turn up at a town meeting and rant and rave about the devil, Hillary Clinton, Bill Gates and 5G for making you wear masks. This is of course what went down over in Florida though, as this woman really goes to town in what can only be described as an extraordinary speech about how she doesn’t want to wear a mask:

What? What the hell is she talking about? Like I almost don’t believe that this is real because it’s so ridiculous and obtuse and literally makes no sense at all, but sadly it seems like there are people out there like this and a lot of them are found in Florida. So it goes.

Despite this woman’s impassioned speech, the Florida commissioners voted unanimously that people had to wear masks in public. Wonder what the devil is gonna make of that one.

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