Watch This Flat Earther Say That Her Uncle Sailed Off The Edge Of The World

Awesome footage.

There are so many conspiracy theories going around at the moment with the vaccine and QAnon chat that I feel like the whole ‘Flat Earth’ thing has kinda taken a back seat in the past few months, but here’s a crazy person telling a story about how her uncle once sailed off the edge of the world to put it right back at the forefront of the conversation. How can you argue with facts like that?

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The video comes from Brofessor Megan (that’s not a typo) who decided to walk around some kind of Flat Earth protest and interview a bunch of them about their dumb opinions. Watch the whole thing because it really is dynamite:

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Lol what? Clearly her uncle just sailed off and went to live in Canada or something? Or worse case scenario his ship crashed and he drowned? And if he never came back, how the hell does she know he went way past the three mile line? Or anything about what happened to him? So stupid.

Definitely the best part is when Brofessor Megan comes back at her with something really stupid and she doesn’t even skip a beat and says something even stupider. It’s almost like a sketch about Flat Earthers the whole scenario is so stupid. Absolutely love it.

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