Watch Donald Trump Scream ‘I Hate This F*cking Hole’ After Hitting His Golf Ball In the Water

Happy Thanksgiving Donald!

It’s fair to say that Donald Trump probably isn’t having the best time at the moment after losing the Presidency and reacting to it like a little baby who’s had his toys taken away from him, so it’s great to see him losing the plot on the golf course as well.

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Trump’s love of golf is well known and he’s often been pictured on the course trying to take his mind off the election result in the last month, but it seems like he was still distracted in his thoughts as he took in a few holes before Thanksgiving dinner yesterday. As soon as Trump connects with the ball you can hear him swear as he realises it’s not going anywhere near where he meant it to go and straight into the water, before he drops the zinger that he ‘hates this fucking hole’ immediately afterward.

It’s really funny:

Lol. Poor Donald.

I guess if there’s any benefit of Trump’s loss here it’s that he might have a bit more time to spend down on the golf course perfecting his shots. Although I think he used to pretty much go to the golf course every weekend whilst he was President so maybe it won’t actually be that much more time and he just sucks at golf and should get another hobby. I guess he might be going to jail anyway so there’s that.

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