Watch The Crowd At A Baseball Stadium Erupt When A Young Girl Nails Her Bottle Flip

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I think it’s very well known that baseball is one of the most boring sports of all time, so it’s not that surprising to see that a whole section of the stadium became enthralled with a little girl trying to flip her bottle and land it standing up instead of watching the game.

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This is a bit nicer than the videos that we usually post on the site but it really is heartwarming that we get to see this crowd go absolutely crazy when the girl does eventually nail it. Sometimes the world can be a good place you know:

What a moment. A real explosion of joy.

It gets even better when you read the comment underneath which basically means it happened during a really exciting and pivotal moment in the baseball game that literally decided its outcome, but all these people were still more interested in watching this little girl flip a bottle instead. Says it all about how boring baseball is really doesn’t it?

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