Watch Bryce Menzies Jump Over A Whole Town In His Race Truck, Setting A New World Record In The Process

Bryce Menzies

Huge air.

Jumping a car over a whole entire town is something that you would probably only expect to see in the movies, but in 2016 it’s very much a reality thanks to Bryce Menzies.

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In a special video for Red Bull, Menzies drove to some ghost town in the middle of the desert and set up a ramp to attempt jumping over the entire village and then launched his Pro 2 (two-wheel drive) race truck off of it, flying an incredible 379 feet. That easily broke the previous official record, which was 301 feet, and the unofficial record that was 330 feet.

Big air. That Bryce Menzies guy sure has some big balls eh?

For more of the same, check out an attempt at the world’s largest car jump end in complete and utter disaster. Not quite as smooth as this one.


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