Watch This Brutal Montage Of Footage From The War In Syria


War is terrifying.

It goes without saying that being involved in a war is an absolutely terrifying situation to be involved with, but when you see footage like the montage below then it really drives this fact home.

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The video comes from all kinds of videos that have been filmed during the current war in Syria between the Syrian rebels/FSA and the Syrian Arab Army, with much of it taken in the suburb of Jobar in Eastern Damascus. Pretty much the whole place has been destroyed as the fighters use guerrilla tactics to try and pick each other off.

This is in your face, intense stuff so be warned if you’re of a nervous disposition:

Crikey that was a bit in your face wasn’t it? Just goes to show how dangerous and on the edge being in a warzone is, in case you were unsure.

Kinda puzzled why so many people are busy filming all of this though when it’s quite clear they’re risking their lives to do so. Are YouTube hits really worth that much?

For more footage from inside Syria, check out this tour around the ruined city of Raqqa. Jarring.


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