Watch A Boxer Get Knocked Through The Ropes Moments After Talking Trash And Taunting Opponent


Canelo Alvarez predictably beat down Callum Smith on Saturday night to unify the WBC and WBA super middleweight titles, but this match on the undercard between Julian Fernandez and Frank Sanchez garnered a bit more attention for the way that Sanchez managed to knock the cocky Fernandez out.

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Julian Fernandez thought that he was all that about halfway through the fight, lowering his guard and inviting Sanchez to punch him in the face to try and show him how tough he was, but this ended up spectacularly backfiring as a couple of punches later he ended up getting knocked out through the ropes. That really was all that she wrote for the guy, as the fight was immediately called in Sanchez’s favour.

Take a look at the footage below:

Damn that’s gotta be embarrassing for Fernandez, but I guess that’s the risk with showboating. If it comes off you look like a major badass, but if it doesn’t then you just end up knocked out and looking like him. That’s probably what most boxing fans are going to remember him for as well, if they even remember his name that is. Unlucky pal.

That slo-mo video is particularly good as he sits down on the ropes and you just see him give up and fall backwards because he’s so KOed he can’t even sit up straight anymore. Brutal.

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